Where does my order ship to?

All orders will be distributed by your organization and not directly shipped to your home unless otherwise stated on the order flyer.  The checkout system requires that you put a ship address in, however that address will not be used for distribution unless otherwise stated on your order flyer.

When will I receive my order?

Most orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks of the close of your online store.  Please see your order flyer for specifics on delivery for your organization.

I ordered for multiple organizations on one order but I only received part of the order, where's the rest?

If you order for different organizations on one order, your items will be distributed separately to their respective organization.  See the order flyer for each individual group on when you will receive those items.

Our group is tax exempt, but we are still being charged tax.  Can you take that off?

No, all online sales will be taxed, unless they are being shipped outside of Illinois or Wisconsin.

I want a different size shirt, can you print me another?

Due to the nature of custom garments, there are no returns or exchanges, except for manufacturer defects in the items. Once your store is closed, we cannot produce another garment for you as a one off.